Susan V. Morris

As an entrepreneur at heart, strategist to the core, and sociologist by training, advising companies to create, adapt, and optimize products, services, and spaces based on how people work, live, and play is my forte. And my inspiration. I simply love to observe people in their daily lives, zoning in on the decisions they make. I then apply this information to help  businesses achieve long term success.

Demographics. Consumer lifestyle trends. Marketing. These are my comfort zones and my areas of expertise. My experience ranges from corporations to startups, all over the world. I enjoy bringing endeavors from concept to fruition whether it be co-founding development companies like NewHeight Group to playing key roles at brands like Marriott International and HQ/Regus to guiding treasured nonprofits such as Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens.

If you want to get out in front of what is coming, discover new opportunities, create an engaging customer journey at every touchpoint and interaction, and design your business around what customers want and the choices they’re making in how to live their lives, let’s talk


  • Business and Strategic Planning
  • Product and Service Launches
  • Branding, Marketing, and Sales
  • Business Startup Consulting
  • Real Estate Development

Focus areas

  • Community, residential and mixed use development
  • Hospitality and tourism
  • Work spaces and services

Maine Entrepreneurs,

You are creative, energetic, and inspiring. Maine relies on you for the future growth of our economy. To help you get established, grow, and flourish, this guide covers:

  • Education and training
  • Financing and capital
  • Networking and advocacy
  • State & regional economic development
  • Technical assistance, mentoring
  • Reoccurring conferences and events

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