Susan keeps a laser focus on demographic and lifestyle trends and guides companies that aim to create, adapt, and optimize products, services, and spaces based on how people want to live in today’s world. 

She explores questions like “What do people call “home?” “Where do they work?” and “How do they relax?” and then draws on her insight and experience to advise businesses on how to launch a new concept, increase reach or drive more bottomline results by leveraging the answers. 

Consulting services:

  • Develop grounded and aspirational business plans 
  • Increase brand recognition and customer loyalty
  • Create meaningful customer experiences consistent with their capabilities
  • Design and adapt offerings centered on the fusion of life-work-play 
  • Grow business offerings and portfolios
  • Strengthen culture and employee retention through internal branding  
  • Design and oversee research (industry, customer, competitive)

One component of the innovative creation of Verdante at Lincoln Park, a new condo project In Portland she developed, ensuring consistent and optimum brand recognition and recall via all onsite, print and online presences.


Sometimes the best strategy is to hit the pause button.  Starting a business? Launching a new product? Developing a brand? Disrupting an industry? Susan is a master facilitator who can help key players to think forward, envision the big picture and decide upon a strategy.

Possible components include exploring together how today’s lifestyle trends impact the business, and what can be done to leverage this information. Depending upon the task at hand, relevant topics may be (i) the buying power of women, (ii) how Baby Boomers are reshaping how they live and their vision for “retirement,” and (iii) strategies for flexible and engaging work spaces.

Regardless of how these core conversations take shape (leadership sessions, company-wide talks, a series of strategic dialogues, etc.), you can expect relevant, rich, results-driven content.  Susan’s thoughtful and dynamic approach will engage the participants, knowing the results comes from their shared knowledge, motivation and commitment.